The NPS Clearstream System

NPS Clearstream


The simple compact design of the Clearstream System makes it easy to install and maintain. The 115V aerator is located remotely to prevent water damage or corrosion that can occur in tank mounted aerators. The aerator uses very little electricity and is easily replaced in less than five minutes. This durable, high quality unit will last many years and is very inexpensive to repair or replace. A Clearstream audio visual alarm panel will notify the home owner immediately in the event of component or accessory malfunction.


Clearstream manufactures treatment systems from precast reinforced concrete and fiberglass reinforced plastic commonely called fiberglass. Our fiberglass tanks are contructed of the finest chemical resistant isophthalic polyester resins and the best fiberglass reinforcement strands available. These tanks have been tested and certified by an approved IAPMO testing laboratory to meet and exceed the stringent construction requirements of the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). In addition, Clearstream fiberglass tanks have passed the test of time. Many thousands of our tanks have been in successful service for many years. Clearstream precast reinforced concrete tanks are designed by structural engineers specializing in precast design. Our precast reinforced concrete tanks meet the appropriate (CSA) construction standards and have demonstrated excellent service in the field. Both the FRP and concrete Clearstream tanks utilize non-corrosive hardware. All hardware items are either PVC, Stainless Steel, Polyethylene or Neoprene. Corrosion is a major problem with buried tanks, particularly when they exist in a corrosive wastewater environment. Because Clearstream does not cut corners, we manufacture tanks that provide many years of service without structural failure or leakage.


The Clearstream Wastewater Treatment System has been extensively tested by NSF, under the lengthly and in-depth testing procedures of the NSF, International Standard 40. Clearstream test results averaged as 5 mg/l CBOD, 5 mg/l TSS and 5.4 mg/l TKN. Further testing shows 99% removal of fecal coliform.


The Clearstream Wastewater Treatment System is a highly efficient extended aeration sewage treatment plant. This system, through aeration and clarification, provide a proper environment for aerobic bacteria and other micro-organisms that convert the incoming sewage in clear, odourless and organically stable water. Test results taken from actual in-service applications of Clearstream Systems average consistently below the MMAH level for tertiary quality.


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